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Ace Your Next IT Job Interview in 5 Smart Steps

Even though the candidates put a lot of thought in preparing for their first job interview, many fail in impressing the interviewers and lose the job.

In this article at Know Techie, Diogo Costa explains that in the present highly competitive work environment, even getting a job interview call is tough. However, the difficulty level multiplies once you appear for it and leave without getting absorbed instantly.

Be the Best

The IT firms only want to provide high-quality services and aim to form a team of ‘cream crowd’ only. The applicants need to keep this in mind while appearing for an interview and aim for presenting themselves as ‘the best’ professional to be absorbed. Here are the secrets to leave a mark:

  • Demonstrate Competencies: Often basic skills are valued more than technical expertise. Many potential employers judge the candidates over their way of interacting with their prospective colleagues, suppliers and, clients. Thereby, never fail to demonstrate your soft skills.
  • Be Honest: Most of the IT applicants appear over-confident for the interview and fail in the technical round. Thereby, it is vital to mention your technical skills honestly in the resume and job interview. Your honesty may demonstrate your ability and willingness to learn.
  • Control the Conversation: One of the universal techniques to nail the job interviews in any sector is to keep the conversation focused on your strengths. Most of the employers look for candidates with multiple skills to bridge the existing ‘knowledge or skill gaps’ in the organizations.
  • Show Enthusiasm: The new age recruiters want to ensure if you enjoy your job and will be happy to get the current position. Therefore, always present yourself as a confident and positive person in addition to your technical expertise.
  • Prepare in Advance: Polish your skills and study about the interviewers, if possible. This will help you talk to the interviewer on a personal note too and may help you leave a lasting impression on them.

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