How New Managers Can Lead Their Teams Like a Pro: 6 Masterstrokes

It is important for new managers to prove their leadership abilities to the team. You can either take eLearning courses from Coursera or read up every leadership article out there. In this article at Square, Inc., get to know the masterstrokes that new managers can apply to lead teams like a pro.

6 Tips to Manage Well from the First Day

Be it a startup or coffee shop, new managers always find it hard in the initial days. However, things need to be done at the end of the day and you are responsible for it ultimately. Following are the 6 masterstrokes that new managers can adapt to lead their teams like a pro:

Make Everyone’s First Day Smooth: First impression is the last impression. New managers should set the impression right from the first day. Ensure your team members have what it takes to go about their daily operations.

Set Clear Expectations: Let everyone know what you expect as a manager. To reduce turnover, new managers should make everyone understand what their vision is for the team.

Upgrade Team Skills: People want to grow their career skills. So, first-time managers must encourage teammates to join training sessions or take up skills development courses.

Enable Ownership: It is common for new managers to continue working on the usual tasks. Understand that you have several managerial duties now. You have a team of people to accomplish the previous tasks. Also, encourage people to decide on their own instead of waiting for you.

Remember Your Non-Managerial Days: To understand your teammates, remember your reactions prior to this post. Avoid behaviors that made you dislike your former managers. Inculcate mannerisms that made you respect the true leaders.

Get Rid of Challenges: To make your team’s life easier, always be ready to remove any bottlenecks from team assignments. Protect team members from complaints and prepare them to identify and mitigate risks beforehand.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://squareup.com/us/en/townsquare/5-leadership-tips-for-first-time-managers

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