Work Calmly Under Pressure with These 6 Scientific Tips

We all work under pressure and, sometimes, it can kill our much-needed productivity and resilience. After preparing an inspirational speech for a whole week, you can choke on stage. In this article at Medium, Sarah Watts Wisniewski shares 6 scientific tips to work calmly under pressure.

Controlling Yourself When Under Pressure

Fear can be ruthless if you succumb to it under pressure. Why not make that instinct work for you? Following are the 6 scientific tips to work calmly under pressure:

Don’t Overthink It: People always want to control situations instead of just letting those happen. Cognitive scientist Sian Beilock described this mentality as ‘paralysis by analysis’. You cannot control your boss’s reaction to asking a promotion but you can work hard to get that. Action speaks louder than words.

Simulate the Condition You Would Be In: You have answers for every query the client has but have you tested your answers with someone? Daramus says that ‘state-dependent learning’ makes your brain work better when you face similar conditions.

Think That You Have Won It Already: As per a Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience journal study, people perform worse under pressure. The bigger the stake, the higher the stress. If you think that you have the promotion, you can be more relaxed and logical during the performance review.

Believe That You Can Ace It: If you are confident that you can win, the probability of you winning will increase, as per a study. Soccer players that believe that they can get the penalty kicks right, they do get it right majority of the times.

Prep Yourself Up for the D-Day: Researchers claim that negative thoughts like fear can affect you physiologically. Increased heart rate, perspiration, tensed muscles are some of the examples. Just like a coach giving a pep talk to the team, prep up with positive thoughts before going on stage.

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