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Testers, Here Are 6 Easy Ways to Test Your Application Database

As testers, we tend to concentrate more on the visual user interface than the application database. However, that is also part of your testing duties. In this personal blog article, Kristen Jackvony shares 6 easy ways to test your application database.

Testers and Application Database Testing

It is important that testers check every nook and cranny of the product before it reaches clients. You can avoid rework and gain more credibility from satisfied end users. Following are the 6 ways testers can check their application database:

Check If the Data Fields Are Correct: Data field types are different—int, float, string, or datetime. Each data field should be linked to the appropriate data type. For example, testers should save a date field as datetime type and name field as string type.

Ensure Mandatory Database Fields Are Mandatory for API and UI: Fields which are required or mandatory in the application database should be mandatory for API and UI. For example, a user might leave the last name if it is not mandatory on UI. Despite filling it right, the user will encounter an error if the field is mandatory for the database.

Check If Database Parameters Are Same As API and UI Parameters: Database data fields will have limits like a limit on the number of characters for a string. Testers must check if the API and UI have the same parameters. For example, a street address field in the application database has a 40-character limit but the UI limit is 50. The user stops at 50 characters and tries to save the data. It will not get saved and the UI will ask to refill the UI data field.

Ensure Sensitive Data Fields Are Encrypted: If testers do not encrypt sensitive data fields, anybody can access those data. This type of errors are freebies organizations are unknowingly gifting hackers. For example, if you have encrypted the password data field, nobody but the user can see the password.

Confirm Database Support of All API Operations: Testers must check every CRUD operation and field accurately. Change field values from null to entry and vice versa. Discuss with your team beforehand which values are required for the fields. For example, if API will support the delete function, discuss with your testing team if it is going to be a hard-delete (permanent removal of data) or soft-delete (data moved to another table or flagged as ‘delete’).

Check for Spaces Before or After Entered Data: Several testers have problems when they mistakenly save spaces along with the data. Though unseen, application database takes it as a character. For example, you think the saved username is “JohnDoe” but gets saved as “JohnDoe “. However much you try, you will not be able to log in to the newly set-up account.

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