Share Tough News Without Jeopardizing Team Spirit

There are two ways of revealing bad news— bluntly and ruthlessly, or immediately but swiftly. The best way to downplay the catastrophe is to handle them well.

In this article from Michael Hyatt’s blog, Rishawn Biddle explains that sometimes leaders need to deliver bad news related to a poor performance review, loss of contract, or even sudden shutdown of an ongoing project.

Dealing with Diligence

Certainly, most leaders may not have to deliver news of that magnitude. However, cascading bad news may have the worst repercussions and leaders must keep that in mind. Here are three smart ways to spill the beans on a dreadful situation at work:

  • Be Upfront: Share the bad news as soon as you gather it but with utmost honesty. Describe the matter accurately while outlining the possible and actual impacts of the situation. Instead of sugar-coating the bad news honestly assert it to help the target audience deal with it bravely.
  • Be Empathetic: Often bad news create wreak havoc in lives and may turn into a major hurdle to get over with. So, remain empathetic and put yourself in their proverbial shoes before you share the news. However, it is essential not to let your emotions get the better of you if you feel something is worth warning the people at the receiving end, do not hide it.
  • Be Helpful: You may not have the authority or efficacy to change the situation, but you can cushion the blow by extending your support and networking assistance. Being helpful is the best way to ease the tough situation for the departing employee.

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