People Development Tips During a Time Crunch

Be it customer service or employee retention, developing people in the least expected time is one of the toughest situations a leader has to tackle.

In this article at Let’s Grow Leaders, David Dye explains that developing people is a constant crisis. So, do not wait for the next retreat, offsite, or performance review to share development feedback with your staff, if they desperately need it.

The Workable Ways

Being in a fast progressive corporate world, having enough time in hand is a delusion. The fact remains, you cannot do everything, but you have to manage time to remain on the top. The range of things you could do today could exceed tomorrow, if you do not strategize your next move going forward. Here are some mistakes to avoid while dealing with people development process:

  • Focus on Only Customers Not Employees: In a bid to please the customer, leaders often ignore their team members. Always remember that investing in people will help you take care of the forthcoming situations. Help your staff first to gain their time and effort to help you tackle tough clients.
  • HR Can Handle Staff Development: One of the most common mistakes leaders make is they rely on human resource team to handle the staff. HR is responsible for ensuring staff training and coordinating with growth opportunities. But as a leader, you are the only one who can help each individual in the team to grow and improve their skills.
  • Developing People Takes Long: Winning teams are not built by a stirring hour-long speech. They are built through micro-engagement at a time. Instead of taking a couple of non-existent hours to put your thoughts together in a rousing motivational speech, strategize your way to deal with the team members in less time.

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