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Managers, Confess Your Failures for Team’s Good

It is not obligatory to share only success stories with the team to keep them motivated. Sometimes sharing failures equally act as a motivating factor.

In this article at Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, Dina Gerdeman explains that sharing setbacks is counterintuitive.

Success: A Malicious Envy

The author suggests that if the leaders constantly brag about their achievements, chances are high for them to stir up malicious envy among their peers. Malicious envy is toxic and may provoke inferiority complex, leading employees to extend less cooperation.

Some hide their tales of failure in the fear of a tarnished image. But Harvard Business School Assistant Professor Alison Wood Brooks suggests that even after revealing your struggles, you will create a positive image of yourself in front of your employees. For them, you will be a hero who conquered his shortcomings and made a mark for himself.

Tips to Share Your Faults

Leaders may easily provoke jealousy among their colleagues, especially when they move swiftly through fast-track promotion programs. Thereby, as you talk about a promotion or a work-related reward, deliberately toss your success story towards a setback encountered at the beginning of the project or career, rather than being self-centered. This will help others to relate to your setbacks and motivate your listeners to strive for success themselves.

The author suggests that even the job seekers can use this trick to describe their weakness in an interview. Instead of blabbering about your hard work, share a brief incident of chaos at work and how you tackled it tactfully. This will prove your honesty and efficiency to counter tough situations and may give you best job opportunity. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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