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Your Letter of Interest Can Get You Hired in Your Dream Company

Have you ever tried writing a letter of interest to your dream company or dream job? Unlike a cover letter, focus on the brand instead of a role and pitch yourself. In this article at the Muse, Jenny Foss recommends 3 things in your letter of interest that can get you hired in your dream company.

3 Tips to Write Your Dream Letter of Interest

First and foremost, you must introduce yourself when you begin. Next, you talk about what you like the most about the brand. It can be their vision, achievements, leaders, or organizational culture. Conclude with how your skills would be valuable for the company. The senior management, hiring managers, and business leaders will find it noteworthy even when there is no job available. Following are the 3 tips in details to write that perfect letter of interest:

Praise the Company, But Genuinely: Hiring managers prefer candidates that not only love their job but also believe in the company vision and mission. Express in your letter of interest what you genuinely find exciting about the brand. Instead of starting with a generic sentence like you like the company a lot, be specific about your likes.

Introduce Yourself but Be Interesting: Now that you have caught their attention, introduce yourself. Make it an interesting read and explain what you can offer or add to the company’s reputation. Align with their requirements so that they agree with your pitch in the letter of interest.

Give Examples of Your Value Addition: After having introduced yourself and your skills, provide examples about how both align with the brand. Do not target a specific role but display your skills from an organizational perspective. Though they might not have the exact job for you, they will have your letter of interest in mind. It might be that they would create a new role only for you! Who knows?

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