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On-Demand Knowledge Can Be the Next Big Professional Gig

On-demand knowledge is on the rise today as people are drowning in unnecessary information on the net. They want legible and relevant answers but do not want to search hundreds of search pages. In this article at World Economic Forum, Peggy Choi discusses how on-demand knowledge can be the next big professional gig.

Rising Popularity of On-Demand Knowledge

Companies can always hire consultants to gather experiential knowledge, but the majority cannot afford such help. Credible Q&A sites like Quora are also losing audience as several sites are opening up FAQ forums. People want to have a facility where they can just pose the question and get the on-demand knowledge transfer.

Sharing Knowledge:

Traditional knowledge transfer sessions depended on structured layouts, reports, books, blogs, posts, videos, and online courses. What if you can gain knowledge through live conversations or text messages? The experts doling out knowledge can monetize on that too. They can get paid immediately through digital wallets. Even though the setting would be informal, you would get your answers without having to hire an expensive consultant.

Some might debate that knowledge should be free. However, you are getting the knowledge directly from a credible source by just posting a query. Monetizing on-demand knowledge will ensure that both the knowledge giver and taker are accountable. The better the experience or the critical the query, the more the charges.

How It Works:

After selecting your preferred knowledge expert, go to the individual’s profile and chat. For example, you can talk about ‘omnichannel retail strategy’ sitting at home. Transfer the amount that you both agreed to the digital wallet after the session. Your on-demand knowledge expert can utilize this credited amount to have personal queries answered from another person.

Trust can be an issue. Some may even steal ideas. However, it depends on the parties. They should discuss any doubts before going ahead with the knowledge session.

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