Make a Difference in Your Career with These 5 Eye-Openers

Career is an important part of your life as you devote 40 hours a week for it. You have a purpose and need to achieve that by gaining experience and required skills. In this article at the Balance Careers, Susan M. Heathfield discusses 5 tips to make a difference in your career.

Ways to Career Development

Most of you are satisfied with your current work and promotion. Have you benchmarked yourself against the industry at large to check if you should improve? The higher you go in the corporate ladder, the lesser the positions, the fiercer the competition. It is important that you continue to grow to stay valuable to the company. You can experience growth through the following channels:

  • Shadow prominent people from other departments to learn their skills.
  • Shift department to increase your understanding and experience.
  • Partake in training and knowledge sessions to stay updated regarding new technologies and strategies.
  • Attend company meetings and forums to improve knowledge, jargon, perceptions, and rapport.
  • Find a mentor that you can lean on for advice.

Apollo Research Institute VP and MD Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti have 5 tips to help make a difference in your career:

Have Set Goals: People that are successful in life have always planned their career moves carefully by achieving one goal at a time. You should too.

Create Milestones: Seek help from a mentor or leader regarding milestones. Their experience will help you out in creating a timeline with milestones.

Take Advantage of Employee Career Development Programs: Companies conduct training to help develop employee skills. If not, you must pursue some courses on your own.

Be Your Own Motivator: Leaders can share their experience and your company can give options to grow. Do not let others plan your career, make your own choices and mistakes. Be the driver of your career.

Document Your Plan: Write your aspirations down so that you know how much you have progressed over the years. Better visibility creates better motivation.

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