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3 Essential Business Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Starting a venture is no game, especially for those who are making the first attempt in the business world. However, by doing thorough research, making smart decisions, and following expert advice, even the first attempt may turn into a successful venture.

In this article at, Kathy Hannun suggests some effective ways to lead a new venture confidently. She says, being an entrepreneur is a humble experience which requires meaningful purpose and the right selection of the team.

Plan Ahead

Since the first attempt of business is full of risks and independent decisions, the individual taking it must be mentally prepared to deal with an endless obstacle in the first phase. To deal with the same, initiate your venture with advance planning. These three tips will help you ease your initial hurdles:

  1. Meaningful Purpose: A new business should intend to cover the existing market gap. Hence, ensure that your business idea is meaningful enough to bridge the existing market gap. Also, be ready to sacrifice and alter budget in a bid to secure future consequences.
  2. Team Selection: It is critical to choose your first team wisely. Not only right skillsets and expertise, but the team must be a source of camaraderie and support. Seamless communication, sharing the same values, and maintaining composure under stress at all times will make even the grumpiest way easy.
  3. Remain Humble: Being humble does not mean accepting accolades or positive feedback with modesty, but it is about accepting flaws, weaknesses, and limitations gracefully. To become a successful entrepreneur, be willing to see your imperfections in change and remain disciplined to work on them dispassionately. Learn from your own mistakes and keep the positive attitude intact always.

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