Are You Juggling Multiple Careers? Tips to Make Your Life Simpler

Explaining people about your multiple careers is always frustrating. So, Emma Gannon’s 2018 book The Multi-Hyphen Method was a hot favorite among freelancers with multiple job roles. Are you one of them? In this article at Guild, Jack Vale provides tips to help juggle your multiple careers effectively.

The Troubles of Having Multiple Careers

People with multiple careers do not have a fixed role or job description. Though appear convoluted, they are enthusiastic explorers of new career skills and avenues. If you fall in that category, follow the below tips to enhance your multiple careers:

  • Be Open to Learning New Skills: You will come across diverse tools, client expectations, working styles, etc. in your multiple careers. Explore every skill or tool that clients demand.
  • Be Choosy About Projects: Money is the prime motivator to pick up random projects. To maintain balance in your multiple careers, pick projects worth your energy and time.
  • Create Conditions: Set clear terms and conditions to get the best out of the contracts. Having established standards help to have a longstanding career.
  • Promote Yourself: Market your skills and offerings. Create portfolios based on clients and industry.

Communication Skills Is a Must:

Ambition helps you move forward while desperation kills your individuality. While interacting with clients, know how to network and communicate better. Build a good rapport by using the following guidelines:

  • Do thorough research of client background and working style. Come up with solutions to their challenges.
  • Understand the type of communication channels and update frequencies they are comfortable with. Ask questions like if they are okay to clear doubts beyond their office hours.
  • If you want to work with them, keep them posted about your interest. Send relevant offerings or just a reminder about your discussion if they have not replied in weeks.

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