4 Tips to Leverage Employee Advocacy Tools to Optimize Your Employer Brand

As per a recent Brandon Hall Group report, companies that invest in building their employer brand attract more qualified resources. Employee advocacy tools allow employees to promote their companies on popular social media platforms. In this HR Technologist article, Puja Lalwani suggests 4 tips to leverage employee advocacy tools to optimize your employer brand.

Highlighting Your Employer Brand

Irrespective of diverse background and aims, all want to have an enabling work environment. Employees are the best tools to market your brand, so give them the means to promote your cause. You can share approved promotional content through employee advocacy tools. Employees can promote your workplace culture, products, services, events, and news on social media. Following are the 4 tips to leverage employee advocacy tools to optimize your employer brand:

Review the Content Before Sharing: Compose a crisp and engaging content that people can share on the employee advocacy tools. It should showcase your culture, vision, mission, and company perspective on current trends. Potential candidates understand that employees share the same objectives as the company which improves your employer reputation.

Measure Performance of the Content: Use metrics to figure out how the shared content for your brand influenced social media. Create and modify content based on how the audience interacts with the content on social media platforms.

Implement Gamification: Hosting a contest on maximum shares will not be that effective as employees might share irrelevant content to win it. Calculate and reward actions to enhance your employer brand based on the engagement rate.

Allow Employees to Share Their Thoughts: Encourage employees to share the experience they want to put across. This will showcase their engagement and how they resonate with the company values on a personal level. It also gives an objective perspective and diversity to the content you want to share for your brand.

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