5 Future Workplace Trends That Are Bound to Become Popular This Year

Be it working with global talents or advanced technologies, you will start witnessing some future workplace trends this year. What are they? In this article at Technology Signals, Puja Lalwani discusses 5 future workplace trends that are bound to become popular this year.

Future Workplace Trends

Companies are in a hurry to upgrade their workplaces as employees are the main drivers of businesses growth now. Following are the 5 future workplace trends that are bound to become popular around this year:

Continued Focus on Employee Engagement: This is one of the future workplace trends that is growing stronger every passing year. Companies are now focusing on the entire range of employee experience from enrolment to exit. Instead of taking reactive measures when employees are leaving, organizations are making proactive retention plans.

Improved Learning Opportunities: Future workplace trends would include facilitating learning opportunities for younger employees. Millennials want to join companies that help improve their existing skills and learn new ones. Given the right learning opportunities, there will be an increased sense of loyalty and resultant retention.

AI and HR: Artificial intelligence is slowly influencing HR functions and processes. As per the future workplace trends, it is going to help in hiring, screening, engaging, onboarding, and optimizing employees. HR teams are hiring data analysts and scientists that will tackle these emerging technologies well.

Flexibility to Work: Flexible work schedule is another one of the popular future workplace trends. The aim here is to make work a part rather than the only routine for an employee. The popularity of the gig economy displays this attitude towards work. Upwork Senior VP Zoe Harte confirms that the majority of the workforce will work remotely in the next 10 years.

RPA Benefits: HR professionals are going to use RPA for their work more, as per Swarovski HR Head Oliver Kasper. It reduces manual labor by automating routine tasks. So, this is one of the future workplace trends that will dominate the recruitment market.

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