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Choose Your Own Path for Professional Development

Growth is the ultimate objective of all professionals and to rise above the current state, it is essential to challenge yourself for growth. Apart from deliberate growth plans, very limited opportunities are available, and there are many in the fray to hit the bull’s eye.

In this article at Forbes, Natasha Bowman explains that finding yourself in an organization that trains to develop future leaders for its personal benefit is not professional development. Instead, find your own path for success and development that is designed by your own efforts.

Set Goals First

Create a learning goal that starts with identifying the knowledge gaps in your present job profile. There are some skills that will help you pick up your desired role or ongoing trends that may help you shape your career well. Once decided, chart out the best methods to learn more. Here are some strong moves to step into professional development for those who aim big:

  1. Online Certification: Internet is flooded with a range of certificate programs for diverse industries. If you hold a professional degree, you may take up these programs to earn better than the rest. These additional certifications allow career-orientated professionals to develop industry-specific additional skills in a much affordable and less time-consuming way.
  2. Conference Speaker: Sharing knowledge is another way of expanding your horizons. Whatever knowledge and skills you have gathered in your professional journey, try sharing it with the amateur or upcoming professionals in the line. Volunteer to speak at industry conferences and seminars to improve and develop your communication skills in real time. This may also help you build a strong network in the industry.
  3. Expand Scope: Instead of waiting for a challenging task to cross your way, look for it and volunteer to take a plunge. Take a challenging project outside your current load and aspire to accomplish it in the best possible way and invest time in researching about it on the internet or in books. You may reach out to the contacts in other organizations too.
  4. Seek Mentorship: Reach out to the one you admire, be it your organization or outside and ask him/her to mentor you. Select a leader who embodies the professional qualities you hold and take out time to share some personal space with them to exchange knowledge. Learn to think like them and ask questions, as they do. All of this will help you improve your existing skills.

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