Build a Team of ‘The Best’ Leaders in 3 Smart Ways

The advantage of building a team of enthusiasts is that their commitment to the job and passion to achieve success make them exceptional eliminating the bureaucracy that may stifle growth.

In this article at Inc.com, James Kerr explains that if you wish to create a team of enthusiastic leaders, the way is to formulate the team by giving them adequate training to lead. To do so, gain their trust and build their commitment to the role they are elected for.

Prepare to Lead

Invest the time and energy in preparing the team mindfully while ensuring that they rise to the highest levels of competency. Once the team of leaders is ready, have confidence in letting them do their best in taking the organization to a high. Design a system that can nurture the leadership potential of each employee to build a high-performing team. Here are some best ways to drive the change:

  1. Teach to Lead: Sometimes, it is good to spare some time to help the team know about the way you take key decisions. By showing the real difference between good or bad decisions, help your team in building higher competence within or outside the organization. These informal meetings should take 20 minutes or less. Empower the team to take bigger responsibilities while emphasizing on the importance of considering alternatives, evaluating the risks, and quick thinking to implications of alternatives.
  2. Rights to Take Decisions: Let the team members act independently in some situations with your involvement in assisting their direction. Set escalation parameters and decision rights to help your team learn the nuances of leading while limiting business risks.
  3. Eliminate Rejections: Instead of rejecting or not supporting your leader’s team decisions, use outcomes of their decision’s disappointing results as learning for them. Teach them ways to make a better decision next time.

The author believes that training is a quintessential element of staff preparedness. Once the team is ready, the above-mentioned ideas will help the leader’s team take your organization to newer heights of progress and growth. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.inc.com/james-kerr/build-a-team-of-leaders-in-3-easy-steps.html?cid=readmoretext_ab

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