Get Rid of These 5 Tips If You Want to Accelerate Career Growth

From counselors to friends, everyone has a say in your career growth. It will not stop inundating until you retire. It is important to identify which career tips are relevant to you. In this article at, Catherine Conlan advises getting rid of 5 tips if you want to accelerate your career growth.

Career Growth Advice You Should Not Listen to

Bear in mind that what worked for others might not work for you. Each person is different and so is the experience. Following are the 5 tips you should not listen to if you want to accelerate career growth:

Demand a Promotion: Promotion is important for your career growth. However, Managing Partner Lawrence Polsky says that you should never ask for it. Create an enabling work environment for the team that the boss cannot help but acknowledge. When the time comes, you will be their natural choice for a leader. If it is not possible in the existing company, seek promotion somewhere else.

Resume Should be Short: If you have an extensive career growth, it is impossible to cram all of it in one page. As per Expert Institute’s Michael Morgenstern, rather than being short, customize your resume as per the interviewing company.

The Best Resume Wins the Race: Marketing strategist Kyle Sexton says that the resume is neither a timeline nor a detailed guideline of your career growth. Resume, telephonic conversation, interview, and your attitude together help you land the job.

Send a Thank You Note After Interview: Career coach Bettina Seidman advises to send a follow-up message instead of a thank you note after your interview. It should be about what value you bring to the company if they hire you.

Do What Your Heart Says: Blogger Heidi Nazarudin remarks that a lot of people do not realize their passion until they reach a certain age. So, instead of following your heart, ask yourself what life you want to have.

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