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Aiming for a Promotion? Do This Without Fail

Having a desire for a bit more on the professional front is a sign of being ambitious. But the desire is just a part of the equation. To reach the desired goal, you need to design your moves in a productive manner.

In this article at EHS Careers, Ashira Prossack suggests some smart moves to get the desired promotion. Regardless of your aspirations and inadequacies in the present role, try to use these tricks to improve your chances of a promotion.

Positivity is a Must

Rising above the present role along with the current workload is daunting and requires a lot of commitment. Therefore, the first move towards the desired direction is to keep your focus intact and positive. Often, work frustration takes your mind off the track and pulls you further to chase unwanted desires. Try these moves, with a positive attitude, to get the desired position at work:

  1. Grab Your Seniors’ Attention: Hiding in the shadow never brings the desired results. Therefore, make sure your work and contribution are seen by your seniors. Be open to take up challenging tasks and offer suggestions to combat difficulties, as they arise. Take the lead and showcase your leadership skills to head a new initiative or project.
  2. The Big Move: Plan your moves in a manner that benefits the company and present your management skills to the bosses. Formulate a plan and present it to the management team to improve a weak process or project. Show your seniors that you are always thinking beyond the confines of your current role.
  3. Work Smart & Hard: Prioritization is the key to save yourself from getting drowned in a sea of work. Strategically design your time and efforts while demonstrating the work ethics to leave a lasting impression. The best way to do smart work is by keeping focus intact on one task and jumping off to the other after finishing the first one.
  4. Comfortable Delegation: Best leaders are those who successfully manage and delegate. Since, you cannot do everything, trust in your team and make people accountable for their actions. Start practicing delegation whenever possible and showcase your ability from time-to-time.

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