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Hiring Higher Up? Smart Tips to Choose

The hiring of top-level professionals is tougher than regular staff. The effort and responsibility of recruiting for the senior position are immense.

In this article at All India Round Up, Sahil Varma explains that hiring for senior positions requires a lot of precision and competency as their ability and experience can contribute to major growth of the organization.

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With a dearth of skilled, experienced, and competitive candidates at the senior level, finding the right fit is like searching a precious gem from a mine site. Use a staffing agency with the following tips in mind:

  1. Highlight Perks on the JD: Using the ‘needs-supplies’ approach, highlight the perks and benefits the company can offer to the employee. However, as your targeted candidates are already holding top-notch positions and get enough benefits, attract them to better exposure and leadership position in the company where they have the authority to take major decisions.
  2. Encourage Two-Way Communication: Retort all the queries popped by the candidate with an honest opinion and answer. Always give the real picture of your work environment while giving enough value to the candidate’s time.
  3. Be Quick & Efficient: Never let the candidate wait for long as multiple other employers or hiring firms are after them too. Make swift moves to shortlist the desired candidate and seal the deal before someone else does. Ideally, turn to a staffing agency as they are experts in retaining the right candidates.
  4. Know What the Candidate Expects: As you already know the candidate’s expectations in terms of pay package and benefits, form a tempting package or offer while eliminating any risk of the candidate backing out at the last minute. Make sure the candidate’s need and the offer made by your organization complement each other.

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