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Revised Rules of Networking in the Modern Business

In the corporate world, networking is a rage that does not promote meeting someone in cold or introvert manner. To optimize a brief meeting with a prospective or a potential team member, establish a rapport with them.

In this article at Black Enterprise, L Michelle Smith explains networking is like a date where the relationship with the prospects will take off only when there is mutual interest.

Spark Interest

To establish and maintain a lasting relationship with the prospect, networking and word-of-mouth publicity play a vital role. Here are five ways to establish a solid rapport:

  1. Set a Rapport-Building Agenda: Having an agenda for networking may sound cynical, but you must have an objective behind meeting and establishing a professional relationship with people. Question yourself, ‘What do you get out of making a new contact and proceed accordingly.
  2. Raise a Question: Question your new contact in a manner that they find you familiar with their area of expertise and interest. However, make sure, your question should also lead you down a path that helps you make your next approach seem genuine and natural.
  3. Share Your Mission:  Those who have been coached on delivering a great elevator pitch may think of it as a mission. But remember, your first one or two sentences summed up who you are and the value you bring. It helps your contact to see your potential, so be certain to project confidence.
  4. A Call to Act Upon: Invite your new contact to visit your blog, website, or LinkedIn page. This will turn out to be your approach to lead them on a path to get to know you, post a brief meeting.
  5. Follow Up: This is one of the most crucial aspects of networking. Your meetings are only as good as the follow up you give it. Be it a phone call, an email, or a request for LinkedIn connection, ensure that you follow up with your connection.

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