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3 Ways to Focus at Work Ignoring Distractions

While social media has given us unlimited power, it also prevents us from keeping our focus at work. Half your mind is concentrated sideways on the phone screen waiting for the notification sound. With several apps on your phone, it is hard to get work done. In this article at Hackernoon, Serkan Karabacak discusses 3 ways to focus at work ignoring distractions.

Having Better Focus at Work

Looking at the notifications give you instant gratification, which the ongoing work does not. Laughing at a meme is much more fun than using your brain to analyze data at work. Nevertheless, let us not forget that you must complete the allotted tasks in the end. Following are the ways you can focus at work ignoring distractions:

Get Rid of the Notifications: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook brands know human psychology well. That is why you are asked to enable push notifications. Say no to any app push notification except for the office notifications during office hours. You can check the number Facebook likes or retweets after you are done with the job at hand.

Time Yourself: The best way to focus at work is to set an hour-based timer. Promise yourself to do nothing but work in that hour. It is problematic in the beginning to forget the dopamine rush, the instant-gratification hormone, you had after each notification. It will get better with practice. However, do not time yourself more than an hour because it will reduce your work efficacy post that. Take a 30-minute break between each focused work hour.

One Task at Time: Let us admit, nobody can multi-task, so keep your focus at work with a single task at a time. Prioritize the given tasks and start working on Monday or the first hour of the day. You can do the shorter tasks first to feel a sense of instant gratification and uplift your mood. Set realistic expectations otherwise you will be your very own nemesis. Spread the important tasks across the week or day.

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