3 Situations When Employee Turnover Is a Good Thing

Employee turnover is predictable and an unwanted challenge that leaders got to manage for the team’s well-being. Sure, losing a high performer creates a psychological and work trauma, but there are times when team attrition is good. In this article at Inc, John Eades discusses 3 situations where employee turnover is a good idea.

Finding the Positive Side of Employee Turnover

When important team members want to resign, leaders try to persuade them to stay back. Their positive influence and reliable work capabilities make you dependent on them as well. However, those that are already determined, the only way to cope is to find positivity. Following are the 3 situations when employee turnover is a good thing:

Better Prospects Elsewhere: As per Ralph Nadar, “The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” The exiting employees have outgrown the current work and do not find it challenging anymore. If you hold them back, you are stagnating their growth. The purpose of a true leader is to enable people to grow and create future leaders. It might be that you will get accrue bigger benefits later for caring for their career growth now.

Not the Right Fit: Employees spend a significant amount of time with their colleagues. While they are with a team, they either really bond well or stay aloof. Team bonding increases engagement and they imbibe a sense of belonging. On the flipside, a cold attitude creates friction and decreases overall team performance. You should always pick the team over an individual and realize the benefits of employee turnover.

Unreliable Performance: You should always set a high standard from your teammates or their performance begins to suffer. There are individuals in the team that does not improve even after multiple feedback and training sessions. Maybe they do not have the drive or talent. They might shine in other departments, so employee turnover in this case is good. They will be thankful that you gave them the chance to find their true talents.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.inc.com/john-eades/how-smart-leaders-handle-employee-turnover.html

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