How Encouraging Workplace Humor Benefits Companies

As per a Robert Half survey, 92% of respondents opined that workplace humor is important for your career growth. How does it apply to your company? In this article at Rise, know why encouraging workplace humor benefits companies.

Benefits of Workplace Humor

84% of the respondents believe that people with good sense of humor are good at their job. However, a Gallup study shows that you laugh more out of office. Following are the reasons why you need to bring back workplace humor:

  1. Laughter Is the Best Medicine: As per Millicent H. Abel, workplace humor reduces accumulated stress, relaxes muscles, manages pain, and maintains a healthy mental state. It also boosts our immune system by releasing beta-endorphins and burns calories. If you are laughing 100 times, you will lose calories that is worth a 10-minute bicycle ride. An average healthy adult laughs 300 to 500 times in a day.
  2. Increasing Productivity: As per an industry-wide report in Australia from St. Edward’s University, 81% of respondents think workplace humor increases their productivity. 55% added that they would choose a fun work environment over a well-paid job. Also, laughter increases motivation and engagement.
  3. Overall Success: Researcher Owen Hanley Lynch in the Journal of Applied Communication Research says that workplace humor has numerous positive outcomes. Effects are better leadership skills, improved compliance management, enabling culture, clearer goal setting, enhanced team problem-solving, reduced conflicts, etc. Moreover, laughter enhances our decision-making abilities as well as help you think creatively and critically.
  4. Unifying Individuals: Cracking up about an inside joke is both pleasant and engaging. Lynch opines that workplace humor also creates bonding and a sense of belonging.
  5. Desirable Leadership Trait: As per a Bell Leadership Institute study, humor is a desirable leadership trait. People believe they are on top of things, says Martha Craumer in her HBR article. Trade carefully because ones that fail to crack a joke properly lose respect, Gang Zhang from London Business School adds.

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