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6 Work Prioritization Tricks to Make Your Life Easy

Work prioritization is important when you are working on projects with tight deadlines. Even if you are the best organizer, new change requests, task rescheduling, etc. pop up so very often. How to deal with them? In this article at LiquidPlanner, Tatyana Sussex shares 6 work prioritization tricks to make your life easy.

Work Prioritization Tricks That Work

You can have multiple project management tools to track work status, yet work prioritization is something you must update manually. The team will get frustrated soon if you tag everything as top priority. Following are the 6 work prioritization tricks to make your life easy:

  1. Make a Task List: Gather all the tasks that you want to get done today. It is okay if there is no order in which you are collecting them.
  2. Decide What Is Immediate and Necessary: Categorize tasks based on how you want to address them—immediate or necessary. The immediate tasks are those that if not done within the time limit, will affect your team negatively. Check whether you have any dependencies related to those tasks.
  3. Work on Value-Based Prioritization: Decide what value the necessary tasks bring to your business and company. If undecided, place value based on the number of people that depend on those tasks.
  4. List Based on Time Estimate: Productivity experts recommend starting with tasks that need longer time to complete. However, if you feel you can focus better with small tasks checked off the list, go ahead and do so.
  5. Adapt Fast: Ensure that you have a mind buffer to make room for sudden requests. Be flexible to changing to adapt faster. Frustration will prevent you from focusing at the moment.
  6. Work Another Day: Strike off the tasks at the bottom of your work prioritization list. You cannot have it all. Get started.

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