How Leaders Could Stay Relevant in This Digital Age

Gone are the days when people would listen to leaders blind-folded. The management style has changed over the years and you have to cope with the modern workplace expectations. In this article at the Good Men Project, Gregg Brown shares 4 tips about how leaders could stay relevant in this digital age.

Transforming Leaders

Technology is transforming workplace behavior. Today’s generation does not like following rules without understanding the reason behind it. They prefer respecting talents than hierarchy. The temperaments of leaders also must change as per the workforce to streamline operations. Following are the ways leaders could stay relevant in this digital age:

  1. Be Professional: Be it an outing or a light-hearted joke, leaders should always ensure to have their professional guard up. Maintain physical contacts only when required and avoid any edgy behavior even when you are inebriated. Do not pass any comment that you would regret later.
  2. Be Positive While Addressing Negative Situations: Leaders come across various challenges and one of them is negative attitude or unruly behavior. Choose your language better as it makes a huge difference. Instead of using forceful verbs like “should”, add “could” to your sentences to sound supportive.
  3. Build Trust: Employees should believe that you are on their side so that they can confide in you openly. Develop the trust factor by getting to know them on a personal level.
  4. Use Technology to Adjust Behavior: You cannot constantly badger employees about the standards they must maintain in the organization. People might start resisting or ignoring it entirely. Use technology to create interest in that. Display the slide having group or organizational guidelines on the board while conducting a meeting. Keep documents about a particular issue pop up in your intranet to get everyone’s attention.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://goodmenproject.com/business-ethics-2/leadership-2/4-simple-ways-to-be-a-transformative-leader-in-2019-cmtt/

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