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Why Business Card is Paramount for Networking?

Exemplary business processes are swiftly changing for good. But even with the emergence of new and advanced technologies, the classic trend of business card exchange has not faded.

In this article at Black Enterprize, Shakira M. Brown explains why business cards still hold strong value in the world of business networking.

The Weight of Business Cards

Even though social media has taken over the front seat in the field of networking, offering business card remains a chic way of letting the other person know that you wish to stay in touch. Exchanging business cards may act as a seamless way to maintain the true connection over time. The technique may sound conventional to many, but it is powerful enough to beat social media connection.

Establish a Strong Connect

Networking in the corporate world is mostly about building a personal rapport and business cards are often used as gentle reminders for follow-up. However, these reasons are not strong enough to carry the unwanted burden of small pieces in your pocket. Here are some meaningful reasons to carry it:

  1. You may not represent yourself as an uninterested jerk.
  2. A business card exchange closes a mutual loop on your new connection.
  3. A business card can save you from awkwardly fumbling on your mobile phone to feed contact details of the new connection.
  4. It builds an immediate physical record of your counterpart, unlike a social media invite that may go unnoticed for a while delaying prospective business deals.

The author believes that business cards may save you from letting the negative perception of your new connection. You may include your social media details in the business card to remain upbeat with the technology. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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