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Grow from Worker to Owner in 4 Smart Ways

Often news updates flash online of people who started in the mailroom and became the CEOs of a successful venture. But is it as easy as it seem?

In this article at, TR Gourley defines success as per his personal experience and believes that it is for those who aim high.

The Success Formula

No wonder success demands hard work, but just telling someone to ‘work hard’ may not prove beneficial, in fact, it is incomplete, flat-out wrong. Working hard in the wrong direction will never move you forward but may cement you at the same place forever. To grow, you need more than long hours and lengthy to-do lists. Follow these four tips to achieve success:

  1. Learn All Aspects First: To shape your idea into reality, aim to become master first. Get mastery in one and outsource the rest. If you want to become an owner, you need to know enough about each element of your business to make sure each department runs efficiently.
  2. Come Out of Comfort Zone: The fear of losing is a foolproof way to lose out on the most lucrative opportunities coming your way. To work beyond your comfort zone is the most suitable way of achieving success.
  3. Keep Going: Once you have achieved your goal, do not rest. “Stay hungry, stay foolish” as the Apple Founder Steve Jobs suggested. Stay in the trenches and never allow yourself to get comfortable as once you start to avoid your own work, business starts paying the price.
  4. Focus on the Work, Not the Glamor: Being ‘position-minded’ is synonymous to ‘being narrow-minded’. Hence, remain result-oriented and strengthen the intuition required for industry longevity.

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