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Top 10 Professional Skills Employers Are Looking for This Year

LinkedIn has published its annual skills list that specifies talents that are in ‘high-demand and low-supply.’ Editor Paul Petrone observes that 57 percent of employers think soft skills to be more critical to businesses. In this article at Fortune, Rachel King introduces you to the top professional skills employers are looking for this year.

Listing Down the Top Professional Skills

Some organizations want resources with expertise in artificial intelligence and cloud computing. However, LinkedIn claims that employers want a digitized package of old skills. Podcast has turned out to be a new medium of marketing, so employers seek hires that honor that skill.

Following are the top list with respect to hard and soft professional skills:

Top Soft Skills:

  1. Conceptualization: While organizations may deploy robots to enable flawless and faster processes, you need to be the fountainhead of creativity.
  2. Negotiation: An idea or vision gets to see the light of day only when you can convince stakeholders. Your persuasion power has become one of the sought-after professional skills of today.
  3. Teamwork: Organizations want to utilize global talents, so it gave rise to distributed individuals supporting the team. You must have an open mind and strong collaborative power to work with a global team.
  4. Flexibility: Get used to new tools and processes faster. Employers want to stay relevant in the market by adopting new technologies and best practices.
  5. Time Management: Managing work on time helps your company improve existing client relationships and pick up new assignments quickly. If you can manage time, you can easily boast it as one of the prime professional skills you possess.

Top Hard Skills:

  1. Cloud Computing: Everything is on cloud To create and maintain services, organizations are looking for engineers who are skilled in cloud computing.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: All know that the age of artificial intelligence has finally come, so you better get a hang of it.
  3. Analytical Reasoning: Since data is the new oil now, companies want analysts that can find out meaning from the data reservoir.
  4. People Management: With the new generation workforce wanting more ownership, you cannot order them around. So, employers want managers that can channelize the raw talents as per the company objectives.
  5. UX Design: This will allow the digital world to be more useful to humans. Adding UX designing into your professional skills list will definitely improve your position in the company.

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