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Countering Excuse Makers? Here’s How to Manage Them

Excuse making employees are everywhere and they have enough ways to save themselves from unwanted tasks and assignments. However, their attitude makes their fellow team members suffer.

In this article at LinkedIn, Paul Petrone suggests some effective ways to deal with such troublemakers at work and improve the productivity of the team.

Analyze the Root Cause

The best way of dealing with any issue is to identify its root cause and try to eliminate or fix it in the first place. If you keep repairing the breakdowns and patching problems with temporary solutions, they will pop again. Here are some impactful ways to deal with such circumstances:

  1. Start with a Question: It is not mandatory that the employees make excuses for their inefficiency. There are millions of real reasons to pull them from delivering the desired outcomes. Therefore, question them for it and understand their reason with an open mind. Do not draw any conclusion unless you have strong reasons to doubt their caliber.
  2. Acknowledge the Pattern: If the excuses are not legitimate and you have been constantly noticing a set pattern, it is high time to bring the series of misses to the attention of the employees.
  3. Reinforce Positivity: Explain to the employees that how their inefficiency and incompetence may impact productivity and effort of their fellow colleagues. Show them how the extra cost incurred by the firm due to their inefficiency may cost them salary deduction. Make it clear that it is not arbitrary, but has real consequences.
  4. Expectation to Move Forward: Let the employees know that they are accountable for their misses and ensure that they will face the brunt of their careless attitude. Many employees make excuses when confronted with a mistake and some are prone to do it. Warn them to let the beginners in the trait know that it would not do any good to them.

The author believes that instead of putting yourself in a situation where you are debunking every excuse, transcend them, address the behavior, and make clear expectations. Click on the following link to read the original article:


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