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4 Common Networking Mistakes to Avoid

It is difficult to accomplish career goals and professional development without support. Networking is the best to way to gather support in an industry. However, networking has some rules that need to be followed ardently if you wish to lift your career.

In this article at Idealist Career, Lawrese Brown explains that networking is an opportunity to endorse your market value by going beyond official meetings.

Circle of Influence

Apart from the technical or professional skills, knowing people in the industry works best in your favor. However, it is essential to understand that networking is an opportunity to go beyond communicating your value. Thus, learn about these common networking mistakes to avoid in future:

  1. The Introduction Exchange: In a professional gathering, if you intend to network, doing a bit of extra research before attending the event will work in your favor. Often people make the same mistake and remain unaware of the open opportunities existing in the event.
  2. Being Uncertain: Time is money in the world of business and if you waste time putting across your thoughts, people will not show willingness to entertain you. Hence, clearly seeking opportunity won’t tarnish your image but will display your confidence.
  3. Lack of Knowledge: Before presenting yourself to somebody, knowing about that person will help in initiating the conversation better. Otherwise, you will end up wasting time in targeting and convincing the wrong individual.
  4. Follow Up: Networking does not end with one meeting or exchange of contacts, but it goes on and maintains on the basis of give and take. So, never miss on touching base again with the people whom you exchange contact or took professional favor from.

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