7 Professional Skills that Are Common Across All Sectors

If you think your professional skills in this sector will be of no use in another, you are wrong. Surprisingly, potential employees look for words like communication, multitasking, etc. in resumes. Though certifications, performance, and industry-based skills are necessary, these keywords matter more. In this article at Forbes, Martin Yate discusses 7 professional skills that are common across all sectors.

Leveraging Common Professional Skills

If you have been working for some time now, you have acquired professional skills that you can leverage elsewhere too. Among them ‘technical, communication, critical thinking, multitasking, teamwork, creativity, and leadership’ are common across all the sectors.

Technology: You do not have to work in the IT sector to have technical expertise. However, technology skills set you apart from your peers and assist in your career growth. Since technology is now integral to our lives, learning new technologies can also keep you relevant in the job market.

Communication: This consists of four subskills—verbal, listening, writing, and technical. You should know how to speak in a professional environment, be it your boss, peers, or teammates. To solve a problem, you must listen more and talk less. As tons of communication happens through emails, you must know how to clearly write your opinion. We are in a digital world. You must have some technical know-how to understand and solve the glitches in the communication channels or protocols.

Critical Thinking: This skill helps in problem management by going to the root of the problem and eradicating or disabling the issue. When people think there is no way out, your critical thinking applies logic and solves the matter objectively.

Multitasking: Multitasking is a myth. It is the efficient utilization of time and organization and prioritization skills that assist to get the work done. When you are done with work, revision forms a necessary part of the delivery. So, with the plan-do-review cycle, you can deliver efficiency and quality to the customers.

Team Spirit: You might be working with a cross-functional team that has resources with different skill sets. However, you must collaborate and address dependencies fast to make the promised delivery on time and within budget.

Creativity: Creativity is a conglomeration of various skills like critical thinking, multitasking, communication, teamwork, and leadership. This skill allows you to develop and align your ideas or vision as per the strategy and company expectations. The higher the alignment, the more tangible are the results of your delivery.

Leadership: When you enable others to perform well and become the role model, you are ready to lead the team. Leadership includes all the above skills and you need to develop it continuously to achieve success.

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