6 Smart Moves for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Even though organizations are active and well-planned to guard their resources against cyber threats and natural disasters, a business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) plan is vital.

In this article at Disaster Recovery Journal, Steve Silvestri explains that a tough call of making the right decision under the intense pressure of a sudden mishap may hamper organization growth.

Beating the Odds

A large number of threats are looming around the business growth. Thereby, it is crucial to plan and remain prepared for unfortunate future threats to recover from the worst. Here are some best ways to do so:

  1. Consistent Plan: Devise a plan that is helpful and accessible at the time of major crisis. Many organizations document their BC/DR plan which is not a bad idea. However, ensuring unobstructed access to the document is essential.
  2. Save Copies: The best approach to disaster recovery is maintained copies of essential data outside the production region. A general rule is to maintain a full copy of critical data and services saved at least 150 miles from the primary data center.
  3. Regular Update: Constant update of data and BC/DR plan should be a priority as production changes come into play. Without an update, all the hard work of planning will be meaningless at the time of disaster.
  4. Real-Time Testing: Without a dry run, chances of successful execution of the plan is limited. The possibility of crisis and major failure is equally high. Testing also allows for recovery practice training which will reduce execution time.
  5. Leverage on Virtual Event: As load-balancing and failover systems are gaining popularity, cyber threats and natural disasters continue affecting operations. Thus, creating an illusion may allow users to constantly enjoy services without disruption.
  6. Remain Future Ready: Regardless of numerous testing, it is vital to review each recovery process as something may go off-center in the real situation. Also, prepare a trusted team or experienced partner to cover the gaps, and swiftly pull the organization out of a mess.

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