7 Traits that Make Millennials the Best Fit for Today’s Workplace

A few years ago, millennials were able to successfully overwhelm the Generation X workforce in the US workplace. Financial, political, and social issues in the formative period have made their values different than the previous generations. In this article at Entrepreneur, Deep Patel discusses the 7 traits that make millennials the best fit for today’s workplace.

Traits that Make Millennials Better Employees

While the previous generation stuck to or rebelled against cultural and social norms, Gen Y  carries a different outlook. Gen Y is the first generation that handled internet since childhood. Older people claim that the young talents get bored easily. Due to the recession, they joined the workforce later. They stayed in the educational institutions longer than their previous generation. So, they are more prone to research and continuous learning. Following are the traits that make millennials the best fit for today’s workplace:

  1. Inquisitiveness: Millennials are inquisitive in nature. While Gen Xers resist change, Gen Y embraces it. They prefer learning new skills to going doing the same job for years. So, you must conduct training sessions to keep them engaged. PepsiCo had launched a program that helps employees gather practical experience rather than a simple ride to the top.
  2. Uniqueness: Older generation often accuses millennials to having an elite view about themselves. Companies can leverage this trait about millennials to gain distinct views of the same project. In fact, Azazie has encouraged this millennial trait to help gain distinct approaches to a solution.
  3. Giving Back to Society: Gen Y prefers companies that are associated with a social cause. Salesforce has earned the respect by conducting several events that helped society at large.
  4. Seeking a Stable Job: As they have experienced recession and must pay off student loans, they choose companies that are stable. Perks like paying off their loans and 401k plans can attract them.
  5. Technology as a Forte: Millennials are habituated with the digital world more than the previous generations. So, they gravitate to companies that are digital natives like Google, Apple, Tesla, and Amazon. If you want to tap into their young energy, your company must be piloting some digital initiatives.
  6. Feedback Matters: Gen Y likes feedback. Period. As per a recent study, 40 percent of millennials want feedback from their managers. Quarterly or annual one-on-one reviews will not feed this hunger. Millennials think that feedback is the means of professional development. So, encourage managers to provide regular feedback to these young talents.
  7. Open to Collaborate: Instead of cabins, millennials prefer open spaces which help to collaborate with cross-functional teams easily. Mark Zuckerberg sits in the center of his office at Facebook rather than in a closed office cabin.

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