Can Technology Help Companies Improve Employee Career Growth?

In this era of swift adoption and continuous learning, companies must look after the employee career growth. So, they are trying out different technologies to help train and mentor employees and reduce attrition. In this article at Insala, know how technology can help companies improve employee career growth.

Relying on Technology for Career Growth

With technology, you get an impersonal outlook and unbiased feedback for employees. Additionally, you can customize the training programs based on individual needs. The employees can learn and attend courses in their spare time or designated training hours. Their learning curve and retention will increase as they can readily apply their newly acquired knowledge on the floor. Client Solutions VP Matt Adams thinks that technology can help companies improve employee career growth in the following three ways:

·         A Well-rounded Career Growth:

Employees can participate in self-learning courses to enhance their career growth with technology. Companies can leverage the same to enable widespread knowledge enhancement across the employee base. The basic course can be customized as required by individuals, departments, or business units. You can integrate these enhancement drives with talent improvement programs like recruiting, onboarding, performance management, and role succession and migration.

·         Mentoring:

To mentor employees, companies need to assign SMEs, devote hours to mentoring, and assess the improvement level post-mentoring sessions. Technology can automate the whole process and reduce supervisory activities by 93 to 100 percent. With the help of algorithms, you can also analyze the required career skills of an employee and recommend mentorship programs. Automated feedback and surveys to improve the mentorship sessions can help reduce unwanted overhead costs and resources.

·         Training:

Companies would be able to find coaches based on algorithms. You can then link the trainers to the employees seeking career growth in that specific field. Technology can help have a central database for training management and store all the data related to employee career growth and development. To understand the progress, you can automatically generate and send reports on the individual and the entire training session.

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