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4 Smart Ways to Become the Beholder of Your Career

In the race for career growth, your coworkers always lead and bag all the laurels, right in front of your eyes, without putting as much effort as you do. Ever wondered why? It is their smart career moves that make them a winner.

In this article at The Balance Careers, Suzanne Lucas explains some smart ways to attract career growth from a diverse perspective. Take responsibility of your career growth personally while others wait for someone to guide or reward them.

How is it Logical?

It is logical to expect a promotion when you have given your best output and earned it. It is equally logical to expect that the HR department has a succession plan in place that includes planned promotions at all levels. However, desired career growth happens to those who take the matter their hands and take responsibility for their growth. Here are four ways to do so:

  1. Speak Up to Grab Upcoming Opportunity: Seniors may be biased and could often make assumptions. These assumptions could violate gender discrimination laws, but they still do it. Therefore, always speak for yourself as and when you see them assuming. Never lose an opportunity if you are interested in it and clearly show your enthusiasm and potential to nail it.
  2. Voice Before an Opportunity Arises: Sometimes a co-worker gets promoted or a new hire takes a role you never knew about. Therefore, it is ideal for you to show your area of interest to the reporting managers. Career path you would be interested in. Create an opportunity for you to bring it up with your manager – annual reviews could be one such occasion.
  3. Look and Train for it: Find a coworker who holds a position you wish to achieve next. Seek advice, listen carefully, and make efforts to attain it. Some of that training may include work experience, and some may come from classroom learning. So, spare some extra time for it.
  4. Your Career, Your Responsibility: Always keep in mind that your career is your responsibility, and no one bothers about your growth. So, never sit back and wait for someone to notice your desire, volunteer to take up challenges. Even your reporting managers are eyeing higher positions and working towards hitting their goals. Thereby, keep your focus intact on your professional growth. Also, build relationships outside the direct line of reporting in a new department, work on developing a relationship with that department head to unlock ways for better opportunities.

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