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Quick Fix to leadership Lapse: 6 Tips

Leadership is not about creating something bright and fresh, but it is about dusting off the conventional insights that are marred by longing for novelty. It is about revisiting the old school techniques to implement the productive lessons never applied in the real world.

In this article at Business News Daily, Sammi Caramela explains the reasons for leadership lapse while suggesting the ways to fix the skill gap. At the core, everyone wants a guide, not a boss and if the leaders intend to lead by example, they need to make decisions that are best in the favor of the company and team’s growth.

Mastering the Art

The leaders’ action or reaction is the reflection of their cultural influence, values, education, personality development, and experiences. Mastering the fundamentals of leadership is possible only by repeat attempts and desire for improvement. Here are some common leadership gaps and ways to fix them:

  1. Lack of Trust: One of the biggest mistakes new leaders make is to lose faith in their teams and micromanage the employees. This happens when they take pride in their role and turn into taskmasters or managers. All their efforts turn into forcing team members to get things done. Therefore, it is best to keep looking into each individual’s effort while extending constant support and trust to the team.
  2. Over Link: An omnipresent approach to leadership is bad for managers and team members alike. Being available all the time may handicap or disempower the employees. Therefore, best is be proactive in empowering your team while encouraging them to remain confident in taking sensitive decisions in your absence.
  3. Being Stagnant: Getting stuck at some point is common, but the real leaders do not remain stagnant. The best way to handle such circumstances is to hold clear communication with the team and help them be ready for unfortunate situations too.
  4. Avoid Amiability: The best leaders take the right decisions that favor the business or company growth, and not only in favor of their social image. Always keep your staff informed about all your decisions while clearly defining the reasons behind it to win their trust and respect.
  5. No Hypocrisy: Individuals in a leadership role often aim for creating a disciplined set-up but never adopt or participate in it. However, the best approach is, either collaborate with the system or implement trends that are feasible for all.
  6. Failure in Expectation Setting: Often leaders lack in giving clear direction or setting goals of each individual in the team. Providing directions and outlining missions will be the best way to keep track of the team or work.

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