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5 Adaptability Skills: Keys to Grow as a Professional

As a working professional, you must have the aptitude to grow along with your job responsibilities. The adaptability skills help you to adjust to the changing work environment and learn new skills on the job. Marketing, sales, media, advertising, management, business development are some careers that need these skills. In this article Marin Valchev describes 5 adaptability skills that are keys to grow as a professional.

The 5 Essential Adaptability Skills

When you join a company, they require you to have some basic skills and educational qualification. However, it is the ability to learn and adapt that helps you reach new heights. Below are the 5 adaptability skills that will help you grow as a professional:

  1. Managing Thyself: As a professional, you must know how to express your emotions and explain your actions every step of the way. You need to display poise, time management, organization, and drive to keep up with the professional attitude.
  2. Time to Decide: The ability to decide is another skill you should build as a professional. It becomes all the more necessary when your decisions affect others in the workspace. You must know how to research and select the right information, analyze, and find solutions to problems. There are tools for risk management, decision-making, project planning, time management, etc. that can guide you.
  3. Being Collected: Things can be difficult, frustrations can cloud our judgment, and undue pressure can break your spirit at work. These are the times when you must prove your mettle by dealing with the situations in a collected
  4. Positivity: Staying positive when being criticized can be problematic, but you can turn it around and work on the criticism. Positivity does not imply that you ignore the facts. It is your ability to find opportunities in the most negative of things that make you a true professional.
  5. New Ideas and Change Management: People hardly work on the same project throughout their stay in the company. Instead of resisting changes, you must accept them as they are. The openness to new ideas and flexible to change allow you to settle in the new situation faster and better.

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