5 Skills You Must Acquire Now to Future-Proof Your Job

It is given that the job role you are currently working in will change in the coming years. As per the Institute for the Future (IFTF), technology, economy, environment, and politics will play a big role in this. You must acquire skills that would secure you for the future roles. In this article at EHSCareers, Stephanie Vozza talks about 5 skills you must acquire to future-proof your job.

Must-Have Skills to Future-Proof Your Job

Cornerstone CEO Adam Miller remarks that several roles with low-level skill requirements will be automated. On the other hand, there will be a crisis of high-tech skills in the market. Following are the skills that you must acquire now to future-proof your job:

  1. Build Your Own Brand: Gradually build up your reputation, earn trust, and have a fan-following to shape your own brand, as per IFTF. Purdue University Global VP Jennifer Lasater says that finding a suitable workplace culture depends on your branding technique. Moreover, this increases the confidence of your colleagues, boss, and customers. Make your social media profiles more professional and appropriate for the current and aspiring roles. Ask a friend or an advisor to give you objective feedback about your online profile. London Business School professor Tammy Erickson suggests utilizing achievements and characteristics as ‘badges’ for personal branding.
  2. Embrace Technology: Miller says that being technically sound is one of the key skills as technology is ruling the world now. As per IFTF, you should know how to seamlessly interact and work with both the human workforce and the machines. Caliper VP George Brough remarks that the better you collaborate with technology, the sooner you get things done.
  3. Have Your Very Own Personal Network: Since job roles are becoming more cross-functional in nature, you must have your own personal network. This community will help you stay abreast of the new technologies, processes, and jobs. Pace University assistant director Jim Davis predicts that this personal network will look after your job and financial security.
  4. Be Adaptable: Executive Development Associates CEO Bonnie Hagemann says that you must be flexible to learn new skills and tasks. Perhaps the best way to grow is by moving laterally across roles rather than going up. IFTF suggests that you create a career path by connecting the acquired skills.
  5. Persevere: Indiana University Kelley School of Business professor Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow says that you must persevere to transform challenges into opportunities. Lasater reveals that there is no shortcut to success. Additionally, Renfrow thinks that employees that show this perseverance bring about a culture of innovation in their company.

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