How Networking Is Crucial for Career Growth: 6 Reasons

Your resume is filled with impressive technical skills that could help in your career growth. The project manager does not have half the skills you have painstakingly self-learned. If you look around, nobody in the top rank has earned the position because of their skills alone. They have gradually built up rapport within their teams, then slowly started networking with the influencers of the company. Kevin Daum shares YPO member Joe Desch’s 6 reasons why networking is crucial for career growth in this EHSCareers article.

Networking for Career Growth

You can start networking for career growth from the first company you join. It does not have to be always within the company. Hang out with people other than your colleagues. Do not depend on the skills you acquire while on the job. Networking helps you reach places where your skills cannot. Here is why networking is crucial for your career growth:

  1. Say Hello to All: When you are out in the world, you are likely to meet professionals from different walks of life. Talk to all without having a bias for influential people in your company or field. Industries are sharing experiences and are more open to new job profiles. You never know what type of opportunity knocks at your door.
  2. Use the Power of Social Media: Desch advises that you fill out your online profile completely. Let everyone know about your interests, skills, passion, and social work. If you are reading the blog, also leave comments. Let your thoughts reach a wider audience.
  3. Be Realistic: It feels good to get all the likes and see the number of followers on your blog posts increase. However, if you are serious about your career growth, you must follow up with the followers. Let them know that you are a real person that likes to connect with real people.
  4. Stand Out: What makes your brand different from the others? To stand out, you must network in a way that others gave up thinking it is too long a process. Desch says sending a birthday or a handwritten note to your potential connections can help you stand out.
  5. Listen More: You might think that talking first helps in networking. Absolutely not. You must listen first to talk in line with the person’s thought process. You can resonate only when you talk the language of your customers, stakeholders, boss, or colleagues.
  6. People in Your Network Define Who You Are: Choose your network wisely because this will impact your career growth. If you want to start a company of your own, you must know influential people who can vouch for you.

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