8 Things You Must Sacrifice to Become a People’s Leader

Do you daydream about becoming a leader one day? You must have heard about the well-known cliché, with great power, comes great responsibilities. In fact, the higher up you go, the more sacrifices you make. In this article at Be Leaderly, Craig Ross talks about the 8 things you must sacrifice to become a people’s leader.

Becoming a Leader

When the company finally sees you as a leader and offers that coveted position, your journey does not stop there. You will be constantly scrutinized, criticized, and questioned for the steps you take. You also will be revered for the courage, discipline, and energy you bring to the culture. To become the people’s leader, you must however sacrifice 8 things:

  1. You Cannot Fail or Explain Failure: Everyone looks up to you, so you must strive hard not to fail them. If you fail, you do not get to explain the circumstances because of which you failed. Apologize for failing your people, even if it is not your fault.
  2. You Cannot Be Honest All the Time: Since you are now the leader of the company, you have an authority. However, this does not allow to tell your stakeholders what a pain they are. Learn diplomacy to create a better future for the company.
  3. You Cannot Share Your Fears: You know the state the company is currently in. Sales are low, and costs are high. Share your fears only with your advisors in a closed room. You do not get to share that openly with all.
  4. You Cannot “Told You So” People: People in general do not like to be corrected. You voted against a project that got unanimous support from the senior management. It failed horribly but you cannot point that out. Let them learn from their failures and consider your views better the next time.
  5. You Cannot Be Biased: When you become a leader, there will be a group of people who would say yes to everything you say. There will be very few who would stand up and ask you to take the next logical step. You should not rule out diverse thoughts if you want the company to grow.
  6. You Cannot Take Decisions on Your Own: Though it sounds ironic, you cannot take decisions alone. The company is not about you, so you must collaborate and become a part of the team.
  7. You Cannot Be Too Critical: You cannot micromanage everything at this level. So, you must have faith in people who are helping you run it. Things will not happen as perfectly as you want. Learn to accept imperfections.
  8. You Cannot Play the Victim Game: You must energize the employees to not feel stressed out. Even if you are at this point, the only thing they want from you is confidence, in a profuse quantity.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://beleaderly.com/want-to-lead-8-things-you-dont-get-to-do/

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