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How Can Women Grow Stronger Together

Times are changing in the work set up in the recent years. In contrast to the old belief, that women do not get along with their women counterparts, a recent research shows that women seem to be supporting their women colleagues to succeed together as a team. Let’s find out 4 ways managers should support women’s leadership development as published in an article in the Entrepreneur.

Assigning special projects

Women should be assigned leadership tasks that bring out their managing skills. According to a research, women are not assigned projects that enhance their skills to help them get noticed by the higher management.

Managers should have a good balance between the tasks/projects assigned to men and women to have an equal representation.

Leadership training effectiveness

Great managers not only distribute work, but also help the team members get trained and help hone their skills. Identifying potential and nurturing it, nudging the team members by appreciating them, providing constant feedback to improve, are some of the many ways to train them effectively.

Providing time off for development

Managers should have an open mind towards providing learning opportunities for team members although it could hamper the work balance due to the employee’s absence from work. It could be as simple as attending seminars, webinars or mentoring programs.

Lead by example

Managers should be the trendsetters who practice what they preach. Being the leaders, they have a huge influence on the team members who think of them as their role models. And as leaders, managers should set an example of continuous learning.

Effective strategies should be made by managers to close the men and women gender gap across the organization. Women leaders should set an example for the other women in the organization by providing them with confidence to achieve success with hard work and self-development.

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