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5 Ways to Reignite and Redefine Career Development

With the drastically changing career development trends, employees change their jobs for various reasons that didn’t exist then, says Gustavo Razzetti, the CEO of Liberationist. Working extensively in the career development area, his focus has been to ignite innovation and accelerate change among employees.

The article takes you through the latest trends in job hopping and how it is rising. One of the biggest reasons why employees quit their job, is their managers/bosses according to Gallup.

People-centric career development

To change this trend, the need of the hour is for organizations to focus on people-centric career planning rather than a job-centric one. Employers need to realize that career growth is no longer just linear and that moving up the ladder is not the only way to grow one’s career.

Let’s take a look at 5 actions that employers/managers can take to redefine the career of their employees, according to Gustavo.

1.      Space for dialogues

For a manager-employee relation to work well, an atmosphere of open dialogues need to be created from both ends. While the manager needs to create a sense of direction of where the company and the employee are headed, the employee should be open about bringing up the challenges of executing work, to the manager.

2.      Reconnecting employees with their purpose

Managers must help employees reflect on what drives them now in comparison with when they started their career. They need to bring in the connect to get insights into their career graph and their interest and help rekindle their purpose.

3.      An adaptable mindset

The managers who usually follow the rule book should learn to let the employees explore new horizons and take up new challenges. They should spend more time in understanding their employees’ interests and strengths. Cross-team mentoring also helps employees get a different perspective from managers from other fields.

4.      Repurposing skills and experience

With changing technologies employees need to not only stay updated in their field, but also need to know about other technologies. They need to repurpose this knowledge and leverage it to doing something different.

5.      Experimenting

Shadowing and learning from different teams and organizations also brings in a perspective among employees. This could help them realize a new career path that they could have the skillset for or help them understand their work even better.

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