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8 Catchy Career Skills to Stand Out from the Crowd

To go out there and talk about your career skills seem like a lot of preparation. You will get candidates that are ready to work for you. However, the management is not finding resources with the right set of career skills. In this article at Fast Company, Stephanie Vozza talks about 8 catchy career skills to help you stand out from the crowd.

Career Skills That Are a Must

Nowadays, managers are looking for candidates that not only have technical skills but honed up some soft skills too. Since business standards are changing every day, management wants people that are jacks of all trades, if not masters. Vozza lists the following career skills that will help you ride the tide of employment:

  1. Flexible to Work Environment: The workplace is now filled with people from different demographics with various motivation levels and communication criteria. Workplace consultant Stan Kimer remarks that you must know how to work with them. To allure the best talents across the world, the management needs to have a diversity strategy.
  2. Acceptance of Diverse Cultures: As per DDI survey, CEOs think the ability to accept diverse cultures as one of the core career skills. However, Northeastern University professor Paula Caligiuri reports that managers think a diverse team is their weakest point. She says that it does not require a ‘culturally agile’ manager to fly abroad. ‘Tolerance of ambiguity, perspective taking, resilience, and humility’ are the core skills that help to manage a diverse team.
  3. Thinking Globally: Businesses are setting up offices all over the world. Awareness of the socio-political scenario should also be a part of your career skills. Kimer says that you should know how to ‘market, sell, and communicate’ in a global market.
  4. Diffusing Conflicts: CourseHorse CEO Nihal Parthasarathi says conflict management is one of the career skills that management looks for in a candidate. To get work done without raising finger is something that helps the team become more productive.
  5. Continuous Learning: Writer Karen Southall Watts says candidates should be open to learning. This will help you to add more career skills to your benefit. Earlier, it was easy to stick to your core skills, but, today, organizations are rapidly changing their business models. The more flexibility you showcase towards learning, the better you will be at imbibing new skills.
  6. Outsourcing: Innovation consultant Jane Young reports that Upwork receives $1 billion work assignments by hiring 10 million independent freelancers. Organizations outsource processes by hiring global talents and get the best out of them. The best way to keep a track of their work is to set up regular status meetings. English may not be the strong point for these talents, so convey in a simple language.
  7. Communicating Well: Arkansas State University professor Daniel Alexander Usera says that technical skills along with brilliant communicating power can set you apart. Though STEM programs still focus on technicalities, you need to learn how to communicate in a team environment.
  8. Analytics:com CTO Ken Bodnar remarks that you should know analytics to understand the business and grow in your career. It also helps you understand the customer demand and increase the revenue of your company.

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