4 Management To-Dos You Should Care About

Effective management was the key to the success of Spiceworks, says CEO Scott Abel. His company made it to Glassdoor’s list of the ten best places to work recently. In this article at CIO, Abel shares 4 management to-dos with staff writer Kristin Burnham that you should care about.

Management Tips That Lead to Success

Spiceworks has a come a long way from a few employees to the strength of 425. Abel says that the workforce must know that you care about them. If you are honest, transparent, and have an open office culture, you will see the benefits soon. However, these are monumental tasks. Here are the four management to-dos Abel recommends the following:

  1. Taking Time to Connect with the New Workforce: When you have a final list of candidates, meet them up personally. As they are already set to work on the floor, you are not contributing anything to the interview process. However, sparing 30 minutes of your time to connect with the incoming workforce shows that you care about their personal growth as well. This remains in their mind and creates a positive attitude towards work.
  2. Having Regular One-on-Ones: Once employees completed 6 months, Abel would personally take them out for lunch. He then started taking out 10 employees for pizzas when one-on-ones were not possible. This enabled him to know if the employees were happy working for Spiceworks. He was open to all kinds of suggestions and questions. How you approach these questions says how you are as a leader, remarks the cofounder.
  3. Enabling Open-Door Policies: You should always keep your door open for the employees. Remember, that it takes a lot of courage for them to come up to you. So give them your undivided attention when they approach you. If you are busy, discuss and set up a time where you both can meet and talk about it. Companies cannot succeed just by rewarding success but by finding the problems and fixing them at the right time. This increases trust and transparency between the management and the workforce.
  4. Failure Being the True Pillar of Success: Majority of the companies do not take failures kindly. A common notion in the workforce is that the management can never fail and that they should not do too. So, they do not admit to mistakes frequently. Abel once made a management mistake and openly took the responsibility for it. He also asked the employees to ask him more questions. You need to let the workforce know it is okay to ‘fail fast, learn from it, and move on.’

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