10 Characteristics That Define the Act of Leadership

Though all of us seem to know what leadership is, we do not have a concrete idea about it. To some leadership is a role model while others think it is the perfection of the outcomes. In this article at Gamelearn, you get to know the 10 key characteristics that define the act of leadership.

10 Invaluable Leadership Qualities

A leader must have three characteristics in common—a diligent worker, guide, and critical thinker. There are several other qualities that define leadership. Gamelearn has listed 10 of them for you:

  1. Visionary: Leaders are by default visionaries. They can not only dream but also share them with others so that those dreams become a reality.
  2. Enthusiastic: Leaders must infuse enthusiasm at work. This helps them to channelize the team energy in the right direction to achieve business goals.
  3. Supportive: While bosses demand servitude from their subordinates, leaders support them as mentors. Teams should know their leaders are there to support and show them the right direction if needed.
  4. Understanding: Of all the leadership qualities, having the ability to place themselves in other’s shoes helps leaders win hearts. Empathy creates a natural bond between the leaders and the team members, clients, and sponsors.
  5. Imaginative: Without creativity, no leader can stand a chance in this age of digitization. Moreover, imagination in the leaders inspires teams to explore their individual visions as well.
  6. Perfectionist: Leadership is the epitome of perfection. They want their teams to reach their optimal level so that they deliver as per the client requirement or even better. For this, leaders must listen and know the pulse of the team to address challenges faster.
  7. Mentor: The foremost job of leadership is to lead. However, they must also know when to step back and let others shine. While management deals with tasks, leaders manage people.
  8. Managing People: Leaders must boost team coordination. Creating a positive working environment boosts productivity and team morale.
  9. Risktaker: With great power, comes great responsibility. Leaders must have the confidence to take those roads which none would. They must understand potential wins and own up when things go down the drain.
  10. Excite Learning: Practically, all the world leaders are inquisitive and that makes them continuous learners. They excite others to learn and grow as well.

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