Stay Successful Longer in Your Career with 6 Early Lessons

Career is the single-most motivation for the majority of the people worldwide. The sooner you learn the tricks of the trade, the better. Being ready to take in as much as possible in the early stages of your career enables you to achieve success and maintain it for a long time. Learn from the mistakes of others to avoid doing the same in yours. In this article at Entrepreneur, Renzo Costarella shares 6 early lessons that you must acknowledge to stay successful longer in your career.

Early Career Lessons That Help You

Not many are sure about their career in the beginning and it is okay. Try out different avenues and have an in-depth knowledge before deciding to switch jobs. Tell your manager about the role you are interested in or simply opt for a relevant career. When you learn the career lessons early, you become more strategic about your career goals.

  1. Live the Life You Want: Excluding the time you sleep, you work 40 hours. That makes 168 hours in a week and 40 percent of the time you are awake, including weekends. If your current job is not boosting your career, move on. Do not adjust to a job for the sake of livelihood.
  2. Network as Much as Possible: You cannot thrive alone, so when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Build your connections as you go along. When the time comes, you will reap benefits out of these connections to have a secure, successful career.
  3. Stay Happy: People are naturally drawn to you if you bring positivity in the workplace. This also makes it 10 times likelier to get a promotion. You cannot ignore having bad days. However, these experiences are your own, so keep it to yourself.
  4. Learn from the Get-Go: Keep learning throughout your career. This will motivate you to come to office even after 10 years. You will be able to compete with the newbies who are much more tech-savvy or skilled than you. If you are skilled in your current role, challenge yourself by taking extra responsibilities and scale up to the next level.
  5. Put Yourself Up for Challenges: Be prepared and do not hesitate to take that extra responsibility. It will boost your morale and relevance in the company. As per leadership coach Kristi Hedges, the majority of career advancements occur when you turn a mess into an opportunity to showcase your abilities. Step up when nobody is ready and compel employers to acknowledge that feat when the time
  6. Find a Career Advisor: Familiarize yourself with respected members of your organization and seek out their advice. Ask them how they prepared themselves for the position they are in. Being close to one of the influencers of the company also helps you gain traction with other leaders.

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