Help Employees Improve Productivity with These 5 Unusual Ways

Employees that are motivated form the basic machinery of an organization. It keeps their productivity high and the work environment healthy. In this article at, Devin Morrissey talks about 5 unusual ways by which you can keep employees productive at a consistent level.

5 Ways to Motivate Employees

It is hard to maintain the same level of performance always. However, as a leader, you must help employees to keep that consistency. Providing regular feedback is a great way to enhance productivity. The author shares some of the tricks from real-life experiences that helped improve the productivity of employees.

  1. Monthly Feedback: 65 percent of employees opine that they need more regular feedback, as per Officevibe. The most effective way to provide feedback is once a month. Take them out for a coffee and guide them informally, but honestly. Highlight their high-performance areas and also add how you want them to improve.
  2. Personality Tests: As per the project requirements, employees work in a team or individually. Personality tests help you to know who work better alone and who has great coordination power. By gauging their strengths, you can group them accordingly to get maximum benefits. There are aptitude tests available online. Choose those that suits your organizational objectives and team dynamics.
  3. Building a Team Spirit: Employees are individuals that come from different walks of life to work as a team in your organization. While it is good to have diversity on a team, it can also become a roadblock when team members remain ignorant of each other’s strengths. Team outings or simply sharing a personal hilarious moment with the team improves confidence, problem-solving abilities, communication, and knowledge about overall team strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Unrequired Toxicity: When one of your team members keeps on cribbing, it creates a negative environment in the team. This category of employees is quite common, and you must find ways to diffuse their negativity as soon as possible. Encourage them to share their issues directly with you instead of indulging in unwanted gossips within the team. Let them know how they are impacting team productivity and give them space to improve their behavior. If they persist, be firm enough to show the door to save rest of the team.
  5. Requirement Follow-Ups: There might be several teams under your belt and it is impossible to look after individual needs. So, ask your them directly what they need to make their performance better. Taking time to know your employees will reveal that you genuinely care about their personal growth. This will boost their loyalty towards work and increase productivity.

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