Why Employers Want Non-IT Resources to be Tech-Savvy

Candidates from the non-IT background are seldom tech-savvy. However, with so many technological advancements in recent years, employers prefer non-IT candidates that have a technological bent of mind. In this article at the Recruiter, Jason McDowell discusses why employers want to recruit non-tech candidates that come equipped with technical skills.

Technically-Sound Candidates

A recent report from Burning Glass Technologies and Oracle Academy reveals that two-thirds of the best-paid jobs need technical skills. Design and marketing were two of the listed job categories. Non-IT candidates skilled in machine learning can attract an average salary of $111,802. The other technical skills that employers want their non-IT jobseekers to acquire are Java, Apache Hadoop, NoSQL, Chef, Puppet, Ruby, and Python.

  1. Getting the Best of Both Talents: Alison Derbenwick Miller, VP of Oracle Academy, points out that designers and marketers are using more technical skills nowadays. Digital transformation makes UI and web designers the core team members of a product initiative. This compels them to understand technologies. Product managers and market research analysts also must learn technical skills to draw relevant data to market their products or services. In fact, the demand for digital marketing is increasing and requires technical skills that could fetch you some serious green bucks. As per Oracle Academy, these are “hybrid jobs.”
  2. Technical Curriculum for Non-IT Majors: Harvey Mud College is offering computer science courses to non-IT majors. Since hybrid jobs are soon going to be the reality, Miller emphasizes that colleges and universities should offer technical courses to non-IT students. This would make them active contributors to the American economy. Miller suggests those already in the workforce should take up technical courses or participate in workshops to get the best of both worlds.

As computer skills become essential for the most menial of jobs, candidates that offer employers the desired skills can stabilize their career in this fast-paced market.

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