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Employers Want to See These 7 Professional Skills in You

As a professional, you need to grow your skills every year. The dividends are manifold—a superb pay hike, promotion, new job, privileges, and onsite opportunities. Board chair and CEO of World Future Society Julie Friedman Steele informs that employers need their workforce to constantly update skills for competitive advantage. In this article at, Daniel Bortz talks about the 7 professional skills you must learn.

Self-Education in 7 Key Professional Areas

IT industry is moving at a fast pace. However, the majority of organizations do not have proper training sessions due to lack of time, expertise, and infrastructure. They want to hire resources that have the desired skills rather than losing hours experimenting with the existing employees. So, to stay relevant, educate yourself whenever you get the chance.

  1. Self-Reliance in Solving Problems: When a problem arises, it takes up the time of the problem-solver and the employee who faced the problem. So, organizations prefer hiring resources that can solve their own problems. Monster career expert Vicki Salemi advises giving instances of your problem-solving skills during a job interview.
  2. Data Analysis: Since we are moving into the big data era, analyzing data will not be restricted to data analyzers only. Parminder Jassal, a leader at Institute for the Future, says that everyone should learn programming, coding, or machine learning. Take up an online course to add this skill to your CV.
  3. Social Media Leverage: Social networking on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. allows companies to increase their brand value. Robin Colner, CEO of DigiStar Media, remarks that proficiency in leveraging social media is one of the five skills that employers demand. Give examples of how you use these platforms to gain brownie points.
  4. The Power of Invention: A World Economic Forum global survey projects that creativity will be the third-most sought-after talents by 2020. Salemi says that employers want their employees to bring forth forward-thinking ideas to get an edge in the market. Talk about your unique approach resulted in faster project delivery.
  5. Perseverance: As per Salemi, employers like people who can handle setbacks. When failproof solutions fail, employers want to know whether you give up or persevere with an optimistic approach.
  6. A Strategic Mindset: As companies dissolve hierarchy, more employees get the chance to share ideas with higher authorities. Employers want their workers to think from a strategic level to align better with company goals. Jassal conveys that you must understand the company objectives and the business functions to impress the hiring manager.
  7. Openness to Learn: When you join a company, you should learn new skills. You learn fast with an open mindset. Salemi points out that employers generally prefer people who keep themselves updated about industry standards and have an aptitude for learning new skills.

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