A New Manager Should Know These 5 Aspects

If you are a new manager or aspiring to be one, you know by now how difficult the job is. Managers channelize the energy of an entire team as well as take any blame squarely on their shoulders. Great leaders provide teams the space to make mistakes and learn from them. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Anthony K. Tjan talks about 5 aspects that you should build up for the new role.

5 Steps to Becoming an Able Manager

Some people aim for management roles to gain power, a better bank balance, privileges, and advantage of rubbing shoulders with the major players of the company. With all these facilities, you can call yourself a boss, not a leader. To earn respect as a manager, you need to first acknowledge your team members. You must be humble and strong, a keen listener but a decisive thinker, and a mentor with a curious mind.

  1. Have a Purpose: As per Tom Peters, real leaders want to aspire others to follow their path of leadership. The main purpose of their role is to create next generation of able executives that can lead the organization to greater heights. Know the purpose behind your new role as a manager.
  2. Make Every Day Count: Being a manager also means you should know how to allocate right resources that can get work done on time and within budget. Beyond such daily jobs, you should also look at the bigger picture. Analyze how to use the available resources for the company’s long-term benefits.
  3. Communication Is Important: This is the time you must know how to communicate. As a manager, you should not only direct the team but also bring new ideas to the table. Set your vision and point them out to your team. List down the priorities right in the beginning so they are clear with your purpose. Be eloquent to avoid miscommunication and the resultant delay in delivery.
  4. Build Values Unique to Leaders: All great leaders have some common values that they gradually gain through experience—“truth, compassion, and wholeness.” You must be honest with your opinion and know your surroundings. Before concluding, listen to the other side of the story. This role is more about giving space to people to excel rather than bragging about personal achievements.

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